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The Association of Business Travellers Limited (ABT) was launched by travel and insurance experts in 1980 providing service, financial protection, travel savings, business and travel related information for its members, by combining a traditional level of service and hotel/car hire reservations with the ease of on-line Internet access and personalised service so that genuine frequent travellers can be easily identified by the travel industry and automatically qualify for special attention and more attractive benefits, discounts and privileges negotiated by the company for its members.

ABT was incorporated in 1980 in Hong Kong to service the needs of independent frequent international business travellers and from middle to smaller companies. The concept is to direct frequent business travellers towards business orientated hotels which guarantee to provide members with special rates, benefits and privileges.

The management identified there was a need to reduce the hotel costs of business travellers, who are with medium to small companies and do not meet the minimum requirements to obtain corporate rates hotels extend to most large corporations and travel agents. plus the travellers expect, and receive a high level of personalised service.

ABT has registered branch offices in London and Sydney and since inception over 90,000 travellers worldwide have been enrolled in the membership programmes. In the past 10 years the company has had Customer Loyalty Programmes with several banks in Asia, The Middle East and Europe whereby the bank extended ABT membership valued at US$97.50 per year free to their Gold and Business cardholders as a card benefit enabling their cardholders to enjoy ABT membership benefits.

Mission Statement

The concept of ABT is to provide a high level of personal service, travel related benefits and hotel accommodation savings to its members. To act as a negotiating group on behalf of the frequent business traveller for whom membership is exclusively reserved.

In addition we strive to direct high spending frequent travellers toward first class and luxury hotels in the travel industry which guarantee to provide this important group of customers with special discounts, exclusive benefits and privileges.

To make our members feel that they belong to an Association for business travellers who is acting on their behalf, negotiating benefits and savings thereby reducing their travel costs yet still improving their standard of travel.

ABT provides a wide range of travel related benefits and discounts for business travellers with medium to small companies at an affordable cost. The company's mission is to provide these travellers a personalised international service with a value added international membership package and the feeling of belonging to an association who is representing and working for them in the travel industry.

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